About us


Surya Consultants was established in the year 1997 primarily as a Search and Headhunting organization that have a broad range of skills in talent acquisition tasks. We have the unique prestige of finding the right candidate for the clients. we have a team of consultants who have expertise in several functional areas. we can also match quality with efficiency in the search process.

We are a recruitment consultant who provides changeless and versatile contracts all over India. In this context, it is worthwhile to note that we are mainly associated with several IT industries and provides them with the right talent so that we can excel in the field of information technology.

The primary mission of Surya Consultants is to function as a business research organization that can provide counseling services too. It has empowered many non-government and trade agencies in the past and has initiated workable plans of actions for them. Their center is mainly a talent acquisition center, and we give our clients multicultural and multilingual abilities. we can also headhunt talent from a wide range of countries thereby enabling their client companies to boast of a highly reputable group of skilled workers who can effectively take their business forward.